Chapter 9: GUI Desktops

Chapter 9: GUI Desktops


Secrets in This Chapter

  • Understanding How init Starts the Display Manager

  • Learning the GNOME Display Manager (gdm)

  • Switching from GNOME to KDE

  • Learning the KDE Display Manager (kdm)

  • Exploring GNOME

  • Exploring KDE

By now, you have installed Red Hat Linux and X, and you have had your first taste of Red Hat Linux. During Red Hat Linux installation, the installation program configures X and gives you an option to use a graphical login screen. If you have opted for the graphical login screen, X starts automatically, and you get a graphical screen with a login dialog box.

This chapter explains how Linux automatically starts in graphics mode. If you have not enabled the graphical login screen, you can easily do so by reading this chapter. You also learn about GNOME and KDE—two graphical environments in Red Hat Linux.

Cross Ref 

Turn to Chapter 2 if you have not installed Red Hat Linux and X. Turn to Chapter 3 if you have installed Red Hat Linux but have not configured X. Then, return to this chapter to learn how Linux automatically starts X and displays a graphical login screen.