Appendix G: Linux Resources

Appendix G: Linux Resources

This appendix lists some resources where you can get more information about specific topics. Most of the resources are on the Internet because that's where you can get the latest information on Linux. Often, you'll be able to download the files necessary for a specific task.

Some Internet resources appear in the standard Uniform Resource Locator (URL) syntax-Chapter 14 explains URLs. If you have used a Web browser such as Mozilla or Microsoft Internet Explorer, you are probably already familiar with URLs.

Instead of providing a long listing of URLs, this appendix describes a few key websites you can use as a starting point for your search.

Web Pages

If you browse the Internet, you may notice that there are quite a few Web pages with Linux-related information. A good starting point for locating information about Linux is the Linux Online page at:

You can click the buttons to access more information about the topic that button's label identifies. At this page, you also find an organized collection of links to Linux-related websites.

To browse recent news about Linux, visit the Linux Resources page at:

Specialized Systems Consultants (SSC), Inc., the publisher of the Linux Journal, maintains this page. You can scan the articles in the latest issue of Linux Journal and find out other information, such as the latest version of the kernel and links to other Linux resources.

Another popular and definitive source of Linux information is the home page of The Linux Documentation Project (LDP) at the following URL:

On this website, you can find many more pointers to other Linux resources on the Internet. In particular, you can browse and download the latest HOWTO documents from

For Red Hat Linux-specific questions, you can visit Red Hat's Support website at:

This website provides links such as Product Updates and Errata, Hardware Compatibility List, and Installation Guides and Manuals. In particular, you can find the manuals and FAQs (frequently asked questions) at

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If you are interested in open source development, including Linux, a good resource is the website at