Appendix H: About the CD-ROMs

Appendix H: About the CD-ROMs


The companion CD-ROMs contain Red Hat Linux 9 with the Linux 2.4.20 kernel, which is the latest version of Linux available as of this writing (Spring 2003). Linux is a complete UNIX-like operating system for your PC. The Red Hat Linux distribution includes over 2GB of files. The companion CDs, which accompany this book, contain the Red Hat Linux software. The last page of the book contains a source-code coupon that you can use to obtain the sorce code. By installing Linux on a PC, you can turn that PC into a full-fledged UNIX workstation.


Please note that the software contained in these CD-ROMs is distributed under a variety of license agreements. Some of the software (such as the Linux kernel) is distributed in full source and binary format under the GNU General Public License. In all cases, the software is copyrighted by the respective authors. After installing Red Hat Linux, you should consult the README.* files (or files with names such as COPYING and COPYRIGHT) in various subdirectories of the /usr/share/doc directory for information on the licensing terms for each software package.

This appendix provides you with information on the contents of the CD-ROMs that accompany this book. (For late-breaking information, please see the ReadMe file located at the root of the CD-ROMs.) Here is what you'll find in this appendix:

  • System requirements

  • CD-ROM installation instructions

  • What's on the CD-ROMs

  • Troubleshooting