FTP Archive Sites

FTP Archive Sites

You can download Red Hat Linux and other Linux distributions from one of several FTP sites around the world. In addition to the Linux distribution itself, these sites also contain many other software packages that run under Linux.

For the latest list of Red Hat Linux FTP sites worldwide, visit the following Web page that Red Hat maintains:


This page displays a table of URLs of sites that maintain the Red Hat distribution for downloading. In that table, the Updates column lists the URLs for downloading specific Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) files for the latest Red Hat Linux version (for Intel-based PCs).


Red Hat provides many of the fixes and improvements-these updates are in the form of Red Hat packages distributed from Red Hat's FTP server. (Try ftp://ftp.redhat .com/pub/redhat/linux/updates/; if it's busy, consult http://www.redhat.com/download/mirror.html for a mirror site near you.) To install these packages, you have to use the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM).