Red Hat Linux 9 Professional Secrets

Red Hat Linux 9 Professional Secrets

Naba Barkakati

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About the Author

Naba Barkakati is an electrical engineer and a successful computer-book author who has experience in a wide variety of systems, ranging from MS-DOS and Windows to UNIX and the X Window System. He bought his first personal computer-an IBM PC-AT-in 1984 after graduating with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland.. While pursuing a full-time career in engineering, Naba dreamed of writing software for the emerging PC software market. As luck would have it, instead of building a software empire like Microsoft, he ended up writing successful computer books. Currently, Naba is a senior level technologist at the Center for Technology and Engineering in the U.S. General Accounting Office.

Over the past 14 years, Naba has written over 25 computer books on a number of topics ranging from Windows programming with C++ to Linux. He has authored several best-selling titles such as The Waite Group's Turbo C++ Bible, Object-Oriented Programming in C++, X Window System Programming, Visual C++ Developer's Guide, and Borland C++ 4 Developer's Guide. His books have been translated into many languages, including Spanish, French, Polish, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Naba's most recent book is Red Hat Linux All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies, also published by Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Naba lives in North Potomac, Maryland, with his wife Leha, and their children, Ivy, Emily, and Ashley.

This book is dedicated to my wife, Leha, and daughters, Ivy, Emily, and Ashley.

CD-ROM Installation Instructions

Insert the CD-ROMs into your CD-ROM drive. The setup program on the CD-ROMs should start automatically, displaying a dialog with the options that you can install. Select the options that you want to install and the drive and subdirectory into which you want to install the software.

For more information about installing the CD-ROMs, please refer to Appendix H.