Associate a physical device to a specific directory in the Linux file system.


mount [options] device directory


-a mounts all devices listed in the /etc/fstab file.

-h displays a Help message and exits.

-r mounts the device for read-only (no writing allowed).

-t fstype specifies the file system type on the device.

-v displays verbose messages.

-V displays the version number and exits.


The mount command attaches the contents of a physical device to a specific directory on the Linux file system. For example, you may mount a CD-ROM at the /mnt/cdrom directory. Then, you can access the contents of the CD-ROM at the /mnt/cdrom directory (in other words, the root directory of the CD-ROM appears as /mnt/cdrom after the mount operation). To see the listing of the RedHat directory on the CD-ROM, type ls /mnt/cdrom/RedHat.