Chapter 4: Printer Setup

Chapter 4: Printer Setup


Secrets in This Chapter

  • Configuring CUPS Print Queues

  • Administering Printers with CUPS Web Interface

  • Printing the CUPS Way

  • Understanding the CUPS Configuration Files

When you set up Red Hat Linux on a PC, the printer probably is the last thing on your mind. First, you want to get Red Hat Linux running on the PC., then you may decide to make the modem work to dial up your Internet service provider. When you begin to depend more on Red Hat Linux, however, you'll want to print documents that you prepare or get from the Internet, and that's when you want to know how to make the printer work with Red Hat Linux.

As you might guess, physically connecting a printer to the PC's parallel port is straightforward; that part doesn't depend on the operating system. The software setup for printing is the part that takes some effort. Accordingly, this chapter provides information on setting up the printing environment in Red Hat Linux.