Linux is a UNIX-like operating system for Intel 80x86, Pentium, and compatible systems. The CD-ROMs that accompany this book include the latest version of the popular Red Hat Linux distribution. This chapter guides you through the process of installing Red Hat Linux on your PC. The next chapter turns to another configuration task-how to configure and run the X Window System on your Red Hat Linux PC. You need X because with it you can have a GUI for Red Hat Linux.

By reading this chapter, you learned the following:

  • Information you should gather about your PC before installing Red Hat Linux

  • The overall process of installing Red Hat Linux (including the X Window System, GNOME, and KDE) from the companion CD-ROMs

  • Steps you may need to perform under MS-DOS or Microsoft Windows before installing Linux

  • How to boot Linux initially, partition the hard disk, and load the various software packages from the companion CD-ROMs by using the Red Hat Linux installer

  • How to troubleshoot some common installation problems

  • How to perform a kickstart installation

  • How to install Red Hat Linux on laptops