Conventions Used in This Book

Conventions Used in This Book

Red Hat Linux 9 Professional Secrets uses a simple notational style. All listings, filenames, function names, variable names, and keywords are typeset in a monospace font for ease of reading. The first occurrences of new terms and concepts are in italic. Text you are directed to type is in boldface. The output of commands follow the typed command and the output is shown in a monospace font.

Each chapter starts with a short list that highlights the 'secrets' you will find in that chapter. The summary at the end of the chapter tells you a bit more about what the chapter covered.

Following the time-honored tradition of the Professional Secrets series, I use icons to help you quickly pinpoint useful information. The icons include the following:


The Note icon marks a general interesting fact-something that I thought you'd like to know.

Insider Insight 

The Insider Insight icon marks things that you should know to make your job easier and to work smarter.


The Caution icon highlights potential pitfalls. With this icon, I'm telling you: 'Watch out! This could hurt your system!'

Cross Ref 

The Cross-Reference icon points out other chapters in the book for a deeper discussion of a specific topic.