Chapter 20: Advanced System Administration

Chapter 20: Advanced System Administration


Secrets in This Chapter

  • Understanding the init Process

  • Understanding the Red Hat Linux initscripts

  • Scheduling Recurring Jobs

  • Looking at the /etc/crontab File

  • Backing Up on Tapes

  • Performing Automated Backups

  • Loading and Unloading Modules

  • Understanding the /etc/modules.conf File

  • Understanding Load Averages

  • Using top

  • Using sysctl to View and Set Kernel Parameters

Chapter 12 introduced the basics of systems and network administration on the Red Hat Linux system. In several other chapters, you learned many other systems-administration tasks, such as configuring X, setting up printers, connecting to the Internet, and managing Internet services. This chapter introduces you to a number of other important system-administration tasks that I do not cover elsewhere in this book.

This chapter starts with a description of how Red Hat Linux boots, so you know how to start and stop services automatically at boot time. Then, you learn about automating system tasks with the at command or the crontab facility of Linux. Next, this chapter focuses on another important systems-administration task-backing up and restoring files from backup storage media. Finally, the chapter discusses monitoring system performance.