Introducing the Windows Vista Versions

Introducing the Windows Vista Versions

Microsoft provides multiple versions of Windows Vista. There are two versions for home users and two versions for business users as well as an all-encompassing version for users who want all available features. Unlike its predecessors, Windows Vista allows you to upgrade between versions.


Regardless of which Windows Vista version you are using, the core features and the way you work with the operating system are the same. Because of this consistency, this book points out the differences between Windows Vista versions only where necessary.

Overview of the Windows Vista Versions

The five versions of Microsoft Windows Vista are:

  • Windows Vista Home Basic

  • Windows Vista Home Premium

  • Windows Vista Business

  • Windows Vista Enterprise

  • Windows Vista Ultimate

The home versions of Windows Vista include entertainment features that aren’t found in the business versions. The business versions include management features that aren’t found in the home versions.

Windows Vista Ultimate combines the best of all the available features, giving you a complete package for home and business use. When you use Windows Vista Ultimate, you can get additional programs and services as well as tips and tricks documentation from the Windows Download Center by using the Windows Ultimate Extras utility in Control Panel.

Upgrading the Windows Vista Versions

Unlike its predecessors, you can easily upgrade Windows Vista versions by using the Windows Anytime Upgrade utility or a Windows Anytime Upgrade disc. You can:

  • Upgrade from Windows Vista Home Basic to Windows Vista Home Premium or

Windows Vista Ultimate.

  • Upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows Vista Ultimate.

  • Upgrade from Windows Vista Business to Windows Vista Enterprise or Windows Vista


  • Upgrade from Windows Vista Enterprise to Windows Vista Ultimate.

Windows Anytime Upgrade (WindowsAnytimeUpgrade.exe) is stored in the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder. You can start an upgrade by selecting Windows Anytime Upgrade on the Start menu and then following the prompts. When the upgrade is complete, you can search for “ What’s New” in Windows Help And Support to learn about additional features and enhancements that have been installed. You can access Windows Help And Support by clicking Start and then clicking Help And Support.