Chapter 9: Protecting User Accountsand Using Parental Controls

Chapter 9: Protecting User Accounts and Using Parental Controls


Microsoft Windows Vista includes many features to help you maintain control over your computer in response to constantly evolving security threats. Traditionally, security threats have been combated with software tools and operating system components, such as firewall and spyware software, and for this reason, Windows Vista includes Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, and many other security features. Beyond the traditional, Windows Vista also provides a fundamental change in the way security is implemented and managed in the form of User Account Control (UAC) and parental controls.

User Account Control dramatically changes the way user accounts are configured and used and also changes the way applications and system components make use of system-level privileges. Parental controls provide features to help keep your family safe on the Internet. These same features can be extended to organizations with youth volunteers and to organizations that provides services for youths.


This book was written using the Windows Vista Beta to provide an early introduction to the operating system. More so than any other area of Windows Vista, the security features discussed in this book are subject to change. Some of the features might not be included in the final product, and some of the features might be changed substantially.