Appendix A. Tag-switching and MPLS Command Reference

Appendix A. Tag-switching and MPLS Command Reference

In certain versions of IOS, a number of configuration commands have both MPLS and tag-switching forms and will be supported during the transition from a tag-switching environment to a standards-based MPLS environment. We have used predominantly the tag-switching commands within this publication, but the following table provides a reference which documents some of the more common tag-switching commands and their MPLS equivalent form.

Table 8-1. Tag-switching Versus MPLS Command Structure

LDP Command

TDP Command


mpls ldp advertise-labels

tag-switching advertise-labels

Controls the distribution of locally assigned (incoming) labels by LDP/TDP

mpls ldp atm control-mode

tag-switching atm allocation-mode

Controls the mode used for handling label-binding requests on LC-ATM interfaces

mpls ldp atm vc-merge

tag-switching atm vc-merge

Controls whether the vc-merge capability is supported for unicast label VCs

mpls ldp maxhops

tag-switching atm maxhops

Limits the number of hops permitted in an LSP established by the downstream on demand method of label distribution

mpls ip (global)

tag-switching ip (global)

Enables MPLS forwarding of IPv4 packets along normally routed paths for the platform

mpls ip (interface)

tag-switching (interface)

Enables MPLS forwarding of IPv4 packets along normally routed paths for a particular interface

mpls ldp discovery

tag-switching tdp discovery

Configures the interval between transmission of consecutive LDP/TDP discovery hello messages, the hold time for a discovered LDP/TDP neighbor, or the neighbors from which requests for targeted hellos may be honored

mpls ldp holdtime

tag-switching tdp holdtime

Changes the time for which an LDP/TDP session is maintained in the absence of LDP/TDP messages from the session peer

show mpls atm-ldp bindings

show tag-switching atm-tdp bindings

Displays specified entries from the ATM LDP/TDP label-binding database

show mpls atm-ldp capability

show tag-switching atm-tdp capability

Displays the ATM MPLS capabilities negotiated with LDP/TDP neighbors for LC-ATM interfaces

show mpls interfaces

show tag-switching interfaces

Displays information about one or more interfaces that have been configured for label switching

show mpls ldp bindings

show tag-switching tdp bindings

Displays the contents of the label information base (LIB)

show mpls ldp discovery

show tag-switching tdp discovery

Displays the status of the LDP/TDP discovery process

show mpls ldp neighbor

show tag-switching tdp neighbor

Displays the status of LDP/TDP sessions

show mpls ldp parameters

show tag-switching tdp parameters

Displays current LDP/TDP parameters

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