Internet Connectivity Through a Different Service Provider

Some customers of the MPLS/VPN provider may want to obtain their Internet access through a different provider, or they may want to obtain access through both the MPLS/VPN provider and another Internet service provider. In either case, a combination of the previously described techniques should allow for this type of connectivity requirement.

Many different topologies are possible in this environment, too many to describe each one in detail. However, Figure 12-32 shows one such topology in which the EuroBank VPN customer is capable of accessing the Internet either through the MPLS/VPN backbone or through a separate provider.

Figure 12-32. Internet Connectivity Through a Different Service Provider


Figure 12-32 shows that the EuroBank VPN sites gain access to the Internet through a central site, which includes firewall protection. When the traffic arrives at the central site, it will be sent to the Internet through one of two exit points, either Upstream1 or Upstream2, and this will be based on the best BGP path.

    Part 2: MPLS-based Virtual Private Networks