Migration of VPN Sites onto the MPLS/VPN Solution

The last stage of the MPLS/VPN migration involves the movement of existing VPN customers onto the new infrastructure. All the relevant PE configurations for all the VRFs and the MP-iBGP sessions have been completed by this stage. The last few steps that are necessary are as follows:

  1. Move existing VPN customers into their respective VRFs? Each VPN site may be moved into the relevant VRFs by associating the connecting interface with the VRF. This is achieved through use of the ip vrf forwarding vrf-name command within the interface configuration. This action removes the IP address of the interface from within the configuration, so this address must be reconfigured.

  2. Create static routes? Static routes for each of the VPN site's prefixes must be configured so that they are placed into the relevant VRF.

  3. Removal of GRE tunneling configuration for the SampleNet VPN? When all SampleNet sites on the TransitNet PE-router have been migrated onto the MPLS/VPN solution, the GRE tunnels to the SampleNet central site can be removed.

    Part 2: MPLS-based Virtual Private Networks