A type of Access object that enables you to retrieve specific information that meets the criteria you enter. For instance, you could create a query to list all customers that live in South Carolina. Or you might create a query that lists all students that received an A in English.


A set of related fields. For instance, in a contact database, the name, address, phone numbers for, say, John Doe would be one record.

record selector

The first column in a list of fields or records. You can click this field to select a record.

relational database

A type of database program that enables you to store information in one or more tables and then relate those tables to create a cohesive information system. Access is a relational database program.


The link between two (or more) tables. Some relationships are one-to-many. For instance, suppose that you had a student table and a courses table. Each student could take more than one course. Thus, this type of relationship is a one-to-many. In a one-to-one relationship, each record relates to only one other record. For instance, if you had a courses table and a professor table, each individual course would relate to only one individual professor.


An Access object that enables you to print a summary of data from a table or query.