Creating an AutoReport



After you've opened the database for which you want to create a report, click the Reports option in the database window's Objects bar.


Click the New button in the database window's toolbar.


The New Report dialog box opens. Depending on the type of report you want to create, click either AutoReport: Columnar or AutoReport: Tabular to select it.


Access has several AutoReports that are excellent tools for quickly creating simple reports with columnar or tabular layouts. (You can also use AutoReports to create labels and charts, but these options are not covered in this book.) AutoReports include all the fields from the table on which the AutoReport is based.



Click the down arrow next to the Choose the table or query… field and choose the table on which you want to base the report.


Click OK.


Access creates a report (here, a columnar report from a contact database) and displays the report's first page.


Saving a Report

When you create a new report, you must save and name it, just as you do when you create a new table, form, or query. See the task "Saving a Report" for more information.


Scrolling Through Report Pages

Most reports include more than one page. To view additional pages in the report, use the page buttons at the bottom of the page to scroll to the next, previous, first, and last pages in the report. You can also preview the report in a special preview window; see the task "Previewing a Report" later in this part for more information.