Setting Up the Page



After you open the report you want to modify, open the File menu and choose Page Setup.


The Page Setup dialog box opens. In the Margins tab, change any of the margin settings: Top, Bottom, Left, and Right. (The default value is 1.)


To change page options, click the Page tab.


Select an orientation for the report. If the report contains only a few fields, choose the Portrait option; otherwise, choose Landscape.


In addition to arranging the items and sections of a report, you can make changes to the setup of the page. For example, you can change the margins, select an orientation (landscape or portrait), choose the paper size, and more.



To select a different paper size, click the down arrow next to the Size field and select a size from the list that appears. (Your printer must be able to handle the selected paper size.)


Click OK.


Access returns you to Design view. Click the Save button on the Standard toolbar in the main Access window to save the changes to the report's design.


To see how the page-setup options affect the report, preview it. The preview shown here shows a different top margin, landscape orientation, and legal size paper.


Columnar Reports

For columnar-style reports, you can click the Columns tab and make changes to the number of columns, the size of the row spacing and columns, and the way in which the columns flow (down and then across or across and then down).


Previewing a Report

For information about previewing reports, see the next task.