Viewing the Query Design



If the query is not already open, select it in the database window and then click the Design button in the toolbar in the database window.


If the query is open, click the Design button in the main Access window's Standard toolbar.


The query design window opens. The top part of the design window contains the list of fields in the table on which the query is based.


The bottom part of the design window contains a grid that displays each of the fields you selected when you created the query as well as the table in which each field resides.


After you have set up the query structure, including the fields you need, you can then enter the criteria that will enable the query to select the set of records you want. To do this, you change to Design view and then enter the criteria. In this task, you'll explore the Query Design window.


Switching to Design View

If you are using a wizard to build a query, the query will be open, and you can simply switch to Design view. If you are modifying an existing query, you'll start from the database window, click the Queries option in the Objects bar, select the query you want to open, and then click the Design button.



Use the Sort row to specify which field is used to sort the query. (See the task "Sorting Query Results" later in this part for more information.)


If you do not want to display a field in the query results but still use that field for building criteria, uncheck it.


Use the Criteria row to enter the value or range you want to match. Other tasks in this part provide several examples of entering criteria.


To close the query design window, click its Close button.


Changing Views

You can change back to the query's Datasheet view by clicking the Datasheet button.