Previewing a Report



In the database window, click the report you want to preview to select it.


Click the Preview button.


The report is displayed onscreen. If necessary, maximize the window by clicking its Maximize button.


Click the Page buttons to move to other pages in the report.


When designing your report, it's hard to get a good sense of how all those controls will translate to the printed page. When you want to see how your report will look when printed or displayed, you can preview it. With reports, previewing is the same as opening.



To zoom in, click the area of the report you want to view. Access zooms in on the area you clicked. To zoom back out, click anywhere in the preview.


To view multiple pages side-by-side, click the Two Pages or Multiple Pages button. If you click Multiple Pages, drag across the palette to select the number of pages to display.


You see several pages displayed at once. Click the Close button to close the report.


Zooming In

You can also open the View menu and choose Zoom to zoom in (or out) by a certain percentage.


Using Design Layout View

Another view option is Design Layout view. When you are working in Design view, you can switch back and forth between Design view and Layout Preview as you work.


Choosing Print, Design, or Setup

You can print directly from the preview by clicking the Print button. To access the page setup options for the report, click the Setup button in the preview window.