Changing the Tab Order



After you've opened the form whose Tab order you want to change in Design view, open the View menu and choose Tab Order to open the Tab Order dialog box.


The Tab Order dialog box displays the form's Tab order. Click a field whose place in the Tab order you want to change to select it.


Click the selected field and drag it to its new spot in the order.


Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the fields are arranged in the order you want. When you're finished, click OK.


When you press the Tab key on your keyboard while entering data into a form, Access moves the insertion point to the next field in the database table. You might, however, prefer to enter information in a different order. In that case, you can change the form's Tab order. When you change a form's Tab order, you won't notice a change to the form's layout, but you will notice a change when you use the form to enter data.


Selecting Multiple Fields?

If you keep selecting multiple fields instead of dragging the field, it's because you haven't released the mouse button after clicking. Remember to click once to select, release the mouse button, and then click and drag the field to the new location.