Entering Criteria to Query for an Exact Match



After you've displayed the query for which you want to enter criteria in Design view, click in the cell in the Criteria row for the field you want to match.


Type the value you want to match. In this instance, type MD in the State field to find all clients who live in the state of Maryland. Access automatically adds quotation marks around your entry.


Click the Save button on the Standard toolbar in the main Access window to save the query design.


Click the Run button to run the query.


Suppose that you want to find all clients who live in a particular state. In that case, you'd query for an exact match?that is, you'd enter criteria to enable your query to pull all records that match a particular entry in a particular field (in this example, all entries in the State field that contain the value MD).



Access runs the query and displays a table containing only those records that match the criteria you entered (in this case, clients in Maryland).


Click the Close button to close the query.


Blank Record?

If you have set up a default value for entering data, you will see a blank record as part of the results. This may be confusing, but it's how Access works.


Running the Query Again

You can run (or open) the query again at any time. To learn how, see the task "Running a Query" later in this part.


Modifying the Query

You can modify the query?change the criteria to match or add other criteria[md]as needed. See the other tasks in this part to learn how.