Freezing and Unfreezing Columns



Click anywhere in the column you want to freeze.


Open the Format menu and choose Freeze Columns.


The column is frozen onscreen. As you scroll to other fields, this frozen column remains in place.


To unfreeze the column, open the Format menu and choose Unfreeze All Columns.


Suppose that you're working with a table that contains so many columns that you cannot view all of them onscreen at once. In such cases, entering data can be difficult, because it's easy to lose track of which record you're working with?for example, if you are entering product information but the column containing the product name or ID is not displayed. In that case, you can freeze the product name or ID column so that it remains onscreen at all times. You can also unfreeze them to turn off this feature.


Column Moved?

If the column you selected to freeze is not the first column in the table, Access moves it so that it is the first column. You can move it back to its original location. See the task "Rearranging Columns" later in this part.