Hiding and Unhiding Columns



Click in the column you want to hide.


Open the Format menu and choose Hide Columns.


The column is hidden from view. To redisplay the hidden column, open the Format menu and choose Unhide Columns.


Another way to focus on certain fields in your table is to hide columns. For example, you can hide columns that already have entries or that are not pertinent to your work at that time. You may also want to hide columns so that you can print just the entries you want. When you are ready to redisplay any columns you have hidden, you can unhide them.


Hiding Several Columns

You can hide several columns at once by first selecting them and then opening the Format menu and choosing Hide Columns. To select multiple columns, click on the column heading of the first column you want to select and then drag your mouse pointer across all the columns.



The Unhide Columns dialog box opens, listing the columns in your table. Each column is accompanied by a check box; unchecked columns are hidden. Mark the column's check box to display it.


Click Close.


The hidden column (or columns) is redisplayed.