Opening and Closing a Table in Datasheet View



After you've opened the database that contains the table you want to open, click the Tables option in the Objects bar to display the available tables in that database.


Click the table you want to open.


Click the Open button in the database window's toolbar.


To enter data in a table, you start by opening the table in Datasheet view. Looking at a table in Datasheet view is similar to looking at an Excel worksheet; you see a grid of columns and rows. Each column stores a field, and the column heading is the field name. Each row is a record. From within Datasheet view, you can enter data.



As a shortcut, you can double-click the table in the database window instead of clicking it and then clicking the Open button.



The table opens in Datasheet view. If you have entered records in the table, they are visible; if not, the table is blank.


To close the table window, click its Close button.


Changing Views

When the table is open, you can click the Views button on the Standard toolbar in the main Access window to switch from Datasheet view to Design view and vice versa. You use Design view to alter the structure of the database, discussed in Parts 2 and 4.