Adding Headers or Footers to a Report



To resize a header, place the mouse pointer on the header section divider line, click, and drag.


The header section is resized. To add page numbers to a header or footer, first click in the header or footer. Then open the Insert menu and choose Page Numbers.


The Page Numbers dialog box opens. Select the desired Format, Position, and Alignment options, and click OK.


Page numbers are added to the header or footer. To add the date or time, click in the desired header or footer, open the Insert menu and choose Date and Time.


You might want to include identifying labels on headers and footers because the page headers and footers print on every page. In addition to adding identifying labels, you can add other objects?such as page numbers?to the header or footer. Before you add items to your headers and footers, you may need to resize the header or footer section first. If you used AutoReport or the Report Wizard to create your report, headers and footers may already be added (you can delete them if you don't want them).



The Date and Time dialog box opens. Click the Include Date and/or Include Time check boxes to select them, and specify how the date/time should appear. Click OK.


The date/time is added to the header or footer you selected (here, to the Report header). Click the Save button on the Standard toolbar to save the report design.


To view the changes as they will appear when printed, preview the report. (For help previewing your report, see the task "Previewing a Report" later in this part.)


Deleting the Header or Footer Object

To delete a header or footer object, click it to select it and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.


Adding Text

You can also add text to the header/footer, such as the company name, by adding a new label and placing it within the appropriate header or footer section. Refer to the task "Adding Labels to a Report" earlier in this part for more information.


Adding a Logo

As another option, you can add a picture to your report. If you want the logo to print on all pages, insert it in the Page Header or Page Footer section. To print the logo on only the first page, insert it in the Report Header section.