Deleting an Object



After you've opened the database that contains the object you want to delete, click the object type in the Objects bar. For example, to delete a query, click Queries.


The database window displays a list of the objects of that type. Right-click the object you want to delete and select Delete in the shortcut menu that appears.


Access prompts you to confirm the deletion. Click Yes.


The object is deleted.


If you no longer need an object, you can delete it. Suppose that you created a query for practice and now want to delete it so that it is not listed in the database window or saved as part of the database. Keep in mind that if you delete a table, you are also deleting all the data in that table.


No Undo

You cannot undo an object deletion, so be sure this is what you intend. If you do not want to delete the object, click No when prompted in step 3.


Clicking Delete

If you prefer, you can click the object you want to delete to select it and then click the Delete button in the database window's toolbar.