Adding a Field Caption



After you've opened the table you want to change in Design view, click in the field to which you want to add a caption (in this example, the ProdID field).


In the property sheet, click in the Caption field.


Type the caption.


The caption is now included as part of the database table design. Click the Save button on the Standard toolbar in the main Access window to save changes to the table.


Adding captions to your field can greatly aid users entering data into your database. You won't notice the change in Datasheet view, but when you create a form (covered in the next part), the caption you add here will be used as the label for the field (rather than the field name). For example, suppose that you have a field titled LName. You can create a caption that says Last Name so that the form's label for that field is easier to understand.


Forget to Save?

If you try to move out of a property field without saving, Access prompts you to save your changes. Click the Yes button to save the database table changes.