Creating a Hyperlink Field



After you've opened the table you want to change in Design view, click in the first empty row or insert a new row.


Type a name for the field (in this example, Web Site) and press Tab to move the insertion point to the Data Type column.


Click the down arrow that appears in the Data Type column and click the Hyperlink option in the list that appears.


If you need to store email addresses or Web site addresses in a field, select the Hyperlink data type. With a Hyperlink field, users can either type the address or open the Insert menu and choose Hyperlink to complete the entry for that field. Entries are formatted as links and work just like regular hyperlinks. That is, if the field contains an email address, you can click it to create a new email message addressed accordingly; if it contains a Web site address, you can click it to go to that Web site.


Inserting a New Row

You don't have to add a new field at the bottom of a table. You can insert a new row anywhere you want. To insert a row, select the field before which you want the new field to be inserted, open the Insert menu, and choose Rows.



Make changes as needed to the field properties in the property sheet.


Click the View button on the Standard toolbar in the main Access window to toggle to Datasheet view.


Before it changes to Datasheet view, Access prompts you to save the changes to the table; click Yes to do so.


Enter a Web-site address or email address by typing it in the field or by opening the Insert menu, choosing Hyperlink, and selecting the hyperlink from the dialog box that appears.


Using the Insert, Hyperlink Command

As mentioned, you can open the Insert menu and choose the Hyperlink command to insert a link into a Hyperlink field. With this command, you can select to create a link to a Web page, to another object (such as a query) within the database, or to an email address.