Displaying a Table in Design View



After you've created or opened the database that contains the table you want to modify, click the Tables option in the Objects bar in the database window.


Click the table you want to open to select it.


Click the Design button in the database window's toolbar.


The table is open in Design view, enabling you to make changes to the database structure.


If you create a table using a wizard, you may find that you need to customize the fields it contains?adding new fields, removing fields, or modifying the properties of a particular field (such as its size). Even if you create a table from scratch, you may later find that you need to modify it in some way. Before you can modify a table, you must open that table in Design view. (Design view contrasts with Datasheet view, which you use to enter data.)


Entering Data

To open a table in Datasheet view, double-click the table name in the database window or click the table to select it and then click the Open button in the database window's toolbar. See Part 3 for more information about entering data.