Part 5. Creating and Using Forms

When you enter data into a table using Datasheet view, you see a list of all the columns and rows[md]that is, all the records?in the table. Rather than view this information in list form, you can create a form that displays one record at a time. That way, you can concentrate on entering, editing, or reviewing a single record. Alternatively, you can use a form layout similar to the columns and rows of records you see in Datasheet view, but with a nicer appearance.

Like options for creating tables, Access provides multiple methods for creating a form: using AutoForms, using a wizard, and building one from scratch. This part covers how to create a form using a wizard, how to make changes to the form's design, and how to use the form to enter data. Because building a form from scratch takes some practice, use the simpler methods first and then experiment on your own, using Access's help system, if you need to create a form from scratch.