Previewing and Printing a Table



Click the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar in Access's main window.


The table is displayed in Print Preview mode, enabling you to see how the printed data will look. Click the Close button to return to Datasheet view.


To print the table, open the File menu and choose Print.


For a nice presentation of your data, you can create a report (see Part 7). For a quick printout of your table, however, you can print directly from Datasheet view. The table is printed in the gridlike format, as it appears onscreen. Column headings (field names) are included. You can preview the printout before printing.


Preview Buttons

When you are previewing the table, you can use the toolbar buttons to zoom in, display multiple-page views, and print.



The Print dialog box opens. To print a page range, select the range in the Page Range area.


To print more than one copy of the table, enter the number of copies to print in the Number of Copies field.


Click OK. The database table is printed.


Print Shortcut

You can print without displaying the Print dialog box by clicking the Print button on the Standard toolbar in the main Access window. You can also use the Print shortcut key: Ctrl+P.

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