Creating a New Blank Database



If the New File Task pane is not displayed, open the File menu and choose New.


In the New area of the New File Task pane, click the Blank database link.


If none of Access 2003s templates suits your needs, you can create a blank database from scratch, which you can then populate with your own set of tables, forms, queries, and reports.



The File New Database dialog box opens. Navigate to the folder in which you want to store the new database.


Type a descriptive name for the new database in the File name field.


Click the Create button.


Access creates a new database and displays the database window. You create the objects for this new database, such as tables (covered later in this part) and forms, by hand.


Creating a New Folder

You can create a new folder when you save the database. Change to the drive or folder in which you want to create this new folder. Then click the New Folder button, type a folder name, and press Enter.


Selecting a Drive or Folder

To change to another drive or folder, click the down arrow next to the Save in field in the File New Database dialog box and choose a drive or folder from the list that appears, click a folder shortcut in the Places bar, double-click any of the listed folders, or click the Up One Level button.