Adding a Field to a Form



After you open the form to which you want to add a field in Design view, click the Field List button on the Standard toolbar in the main Access window.


A list of fields in the current table appears. Click the field you want to add to select it.


Drag the field to the location on the form where you want it to be placed.


Access adds a label and text box for the new field. (You may have to make some adjustments to the field's size and placement.) Click the Save button to save the form design.


When you create a form with a wizard, you select which fields are included. If needed, however, you can add more fields to the form later. You can even add fields from other tables.


Resizing Sections

You may need to resize the Detail section of the form to make room for the new field. To do so, place the mouse pointer on the section's border and drag it to resize.


Using Menu Commands

If you prefer, you can open the View menu and choose the Field List command to display the list of fields in the current table. To close the list, click its Close button.