Moving a Report Control



To move a label, click it to select it, and drag the move handle (the larger black box) in the upper-left corner.


The label is moved.


To move just the text box, select it, and then drag the move handle in the upper-left corner of the text box (not the label). Just the text box is moved. Click the Save button.


One change you might want to make to your report is to rearrange the order of the fields it contains. For example, you might want to move a label away from its text box to provide more space between the two. You can move a label, the text box, or both the label and text box.


Moving a Label and Text Field

To move both the label and the text field, click the text field to select both controls. Click within the label (not on the move box) and drag the fields to a new location. Notice that both the label and the text box are moved.