Hour 2. Entering Data

This hour includes the following topics:

  • How to enter text, numbers, dates, and times

  • How to automate your work

  • How to create a simple spreadsheet

  • How to copy data

  • How to make changes to the worksheet

  • How to insert and delete cells

  • How to work with rows and columns

The data you enter into your worksheets is the most important part of your work. Excel accepts dates and times, currency amounts, general numbers, text, and more. In fact, Excel can usually tell what type of entry you're making and adjust the appearance accordingly. Although default formatting is in place for most types of entries, you're free to change the appearance any way you'd like.

In this hour, you create a workbook and make several different types of entries. The To Do exercises walk you through the process. However, feel free to experiment with anything that's discussed during this hour.

    Part I: Excel Basics
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