My field names take up two rows in my database. Why couldn't I successfully search for data?


The field names must be placed in the first row of the database. Also, they should be placed in one row only. These field names must contain text. You cannot use values as field names.


I used spaces to align my data in the fields. Why doesn't Excel find any records I search for?


You can't use spaces or extra spaces within a field entry. Also, don't align your data left, right, or center. Use the alignment default Excel uses for text (left) and numbers (right). Otherwise, if you align numbers center or left and use comparison operators in your search, Excel doesn't recognize the numbers and treats them as text.


After I filtered a database on my worksheet, why wouldn't Excel let me filter another database on the same sheet?


You need to turn off the AutoFilter feature that you used on the first database. When you choose Data, Filter, a check mark appears next to the AutoFilter option. Select AutoFilter to turn it off before selecting another Excel database.


I have two databases on one worksheet. Can I filter records in both at one time?


You can filter only one list at a time on a worksheet.


Is it okay to have other data on my worksheet next to my database when I filter records?


Data stored to the left or right of the Excel database should be hidden when you filter the database. If other data shares the worksheet with the list, store the data in rows above or below the database area or on another sheet in the workbook.

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