Why is Organization Chart not in my Picture menu?


Okay, no problem. The program is not installed. Use the Add/Remove Programs panel in the Windows Control Panel and your Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel CD-ROM software to install Organization Chart.


Why couldn't I find any pictures to represent the data in my chart?


Make sure you look in all the folders that contain pictures. The pictures are usually stored in the My Pictures subfolder under the My Documents folder or the Clip Art subfolder under Program Files, Microsoft Office, Office. If you can't find them in either place, install pictures from your Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel CD-ROM software. Or, you can import the pictures from the Web.


How do I change the color of an individual shape or element in my diagram?


Select the shape or element you want to change, click the Fill Color button on the Drawing toolbar, and pick any color you want.


An element in my diagram is pointing the wrong way. How do I change the direction of that element?


Select the element you want to reverse, and click the Reverse Diagram button on the Diagram toolbar.

    Part I: Excel Basics