Why did Excel insert a plus sign next to the function name I entered?


If you access the Function Arguments dialog box by typing an equal sign and the function name in a cell and then pressing Shift+F3, typing the name in lowercase validates the function name. If the function name you entered is correct, Excel converts it to uppercase automatically. If the function name is incorrect or invalid, Excel inserts a plus sign and leaves the invalid name in lowercase.


I got stuck when I was working with a complex function in the Function Arguments dialog box. What should I have done?


If you need help with a particular function while you're in the Formula palette, click the Help button. Excel's Office Assistant walks you through either the Formula palette or the particular function with which you are working.


The Lookup Wizard doesn't appear on my Tools menu. What next?


The Lookup Wizard is an add-in. You need to install the Lookup Wizard from the Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel CD-ROM with Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel.


I selected the data in my table and used the Lookup Wizard to search for a value. Why didn't I get the results I wanted?


Make sure you include the column and row headings in the range you select. The Lookup Wizard refers to column headings as column labels and row headings as row labels.

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