Retrieving Data with the Query Wizard

Querying data is the process of retrieving specific information from a database to create a list in an Excel worksheet. The Query Wizard lets you create a simple query to retrieve data in an external database and places that data in an Excel worksheet. You can also filter and sort data in the external database and place the imported data in an Excel worksheet.

The Query Wizard lets you use data from various external databases in your Excel worksheets. The wizard can establish links to various databases and use data query features to locate specific information. After this data is inside the Query Wizard, Excel can access the data for you whenever you need it.

Querying data in a database can be a complex process, but the Query Wizard helps you set up queries that perform exactly as intended. The wizard walks you through the process of querying data, making it as quick and painless as possible.

Installing Microsoft Query

You might find that Microsoft Query is not installed on your computer when you choose New Database Query in Excel's Import External Data menu on the Data menu. In this case, Excel asks whether you want to install the feature. Click Yes, insert your Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel CD-ROM, and click OK. Excel does the rest. After Microsoft Query is installed, it is ready for you to use.

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