Hour 8. Changing the Appearance of Text

The highlights of this hour are the following:

  • What formatting does for data

  • How to use fonts

  • How to change cell alignment

  • How to control the flow of text

  • How to copy formatting with the Format Painter

  • How to adjust column width

  • How to alter row height

  • How to work with comments

This hour introduces the subject of formatting, which enables you to change the appearance of text in your worksheets. You learn how to apply various formatting features to your text to give your worksheet a more professional look. In this hour, you practice changing the font, font style (bold, italic, underline), font size, and text alignment. You also learn how to rotate text, center a heading, control the flow of text, copy formatting with the Format Painter, and work with comments. You'll find many uses for these features in your worksheets.

By the end of this hour, you will be using Excel's formatting tools to make your worksheets more attractive and readable.

    Part I: Excel Basics