Making Use of the Getting Started Task Pane

Another way to open and create Excel workbooks is with the Getting Started task pane, as shown in Figure 4.4. The Getting Started task pane is organized into two sections: Microsoft Office Online and Open.

Figure 4.4. The Getting Started task pane for opening and creating workbooks.


The Microsoft Office Online choices are as follows:

  • Connect to Microsoft Office Online? Connect to the Microsoft Office Web page.

  • Get the latest news about using Excel? Connects you to the latest information on Excel at Microsoft Office Online.

  • Get online training for Excel? Connects you to online Excel courses at Microsoft Office Online.

  • Search? Get online Help on any Excel topic.

With the Open options, here's what you can do:

  • Workbook name? Excel displays up to four workbook files you recently opened.

  • More? If the workbook does not appear in the list, click the More link to open a workbook from the Open dialog box.

  • Create new workbook? If you want to create a new blank workbook, click the Create a New Workbook link.


If you cannot see all the information at the bottom of the task pane, move the mouse pointer to the down arrow at the bottom border of the task pane. The information scrolls up so that you can view the rest of the information. To scroll up, move the mouse pointer to the up arrow at the top border of the task pane, beneath the task pane toolbar. Now you can see the information at the top of the task pane.

    Part I: Excel Basics