Why is a built-in template missing in my version of Microsoft Excel?


Evidently that built-in template was not installed on your computer. You need to install the template using your Microsoft Office 2003 or Microsoft Excel 2003 software CD-ROM.


I saved a file as a template with the .xlt file type, but why can't I use it as a template?


If you typed the .xlt file type following the filename in the File Name text box, Excel doesn't save the file in template format. You need to use the Save As command and select Template (*.xlt) in the Save As Type list.


Why doesn't my template appear in the New dialog box?


You need to save your template in one of these four locations: the Templates folder or a subfolder of the Templates folder in the Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel folder, the XLStart folder in the Microsoft Excel folder, or the location you specified as a startup file location in the Options dialog box. When you do, the template shows up in the New dialog box.


In addition to the templates that come with Excel 2003, are any other Excel templates available?


You can access additional Microsoft Excel templates at Microsoft Office Online. These plates are designed for planning your personal finances. To obtain the templates when you're in Excel, click Help, Microsoft Office Online.

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