I inserted a piece of clip art, and it's not the one I need. What can I do?


Select the clip art and press the Delete key. Then start over to insert the clip art you want.


The WordArt text is overlapping and hiding some data on the worksheet. How can I correct this problem?


Click the WordArt object and drag it to a better position.


I drew a circle shape, and the lines look jagged. How can I draw a perfect circle?


To create an exact circle (or an oval), hold down the Shift key while dragging the crosshair pointer.


I wanted to insert a piece of clip art in my worksheet, but the clip is not available when I select Insert on the Clip Art shortcut menu. Where can I find the pictures?


If the images are not available in the Clip Art task pane, they probably were not installed or have been deleted. No problem?just install the clip art through the Add/Remove Programs panel in the Windows Control Panel using the Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel CD-ROM software.


I want to ungroup a grouped object. What is the fastest way to do so?


You might find it quick to ungroup objects by right-clicking the object and choosing Ungroup from the shortcut menu.

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