How can I change the default font when I start a worksheet?


Before you enter any data, choose a new font in the Font box on the Formatting toolbar.


When I applied a font to text, why did I get a lot of little pictures?


Some fonts, such as Wingdings, are made up of symbols, not of letters and numbers. Select another font.


When I changed the size of the font for the title, and added bold to text in Column A, why does the text now spill over into the next column?


Larger font sizes and boldface can increase the width of the characters and can change the length of the text entry in a cell. Therefore, the text spilled over into the next cell. In the column that contains the title, double-click the column border to widen the column. Widen column A by double-clicking on its column border. Excel will automatically widen the column to fit the long entries.


After I copied some formatting with the Format Painter tool, I didn't like the results in the new location. What can I do to fix it?


Click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar immediately after you finish painting the format.


When I pressed Enter in a Comment box to close it, why did Excel add a blank line to my comment text and not close the box?


You cannot close a comment by pressing Enter?that just inserts a blank line. Click another cell to close the Comment box.

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