Hour 6. Using Excel Templates

The highlights of this hour are as follows:

  • What a template can do for you

  • How to open an Excel template

  • How to change an Excel template

  • How to create your own template

  • How to save a worksheet as a template

Excel offers a collection of templates to use in creating a workbook. Templates enable you to create a workbook based on the special text and formatting elements the templates provide. You could create these elements yourself, but the job would take some time.

Some examples of what you can use a template for include an invoice, purchase order, balance sheet, expense statement, time card, or loan amortization spreadsheet.

During this hour, you discover that creating a workbook using an Excel built-in template is easier than you think. Using a ready-made design gives you a running start on creating a professional-looking workbook. You also learn how to change the template, create your own template, and save an existing worksheet as a template.

    Part I: Excel Basics
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