Why didn't the spelling checker flag a spelling error at the top of my worksheet?


You probably started spell checking in the middle of your worksheet. Excel checks from the location where you start to the end of the worksheet. You should see a message box asking whether you want to continue spell checking at the beginning of the worksheet. Click Yes. Always start spell checking at the worksheet's beginning by pressing Ctrl+Home.


How can I move the Spelling dialog box that covers up the change in the worksheet?


Drag the Spelling dialog box by its title bar out of the way so you can see the changes as they occur.


I selected the wrong Spell option. How can I correct this mistake?


Click the Undo Last button in the Spelling dialog box to undo the last option, or you can correct the mistake after you exit the spell checker.


My worksheet doesn't print on my printer. What next?


If you have difficulty printing, the incorrect printer might be selected in the Print dialog box.


I usually print my worksheets in a portrait (vertical) orientation, but how can I print a worksheet in a landscape (horizontal) orientation?


In the Page Setup dialog box, choose the Page tab; in the Orientation section, choose Landscape.


I created my own header and footer information and didn't get the results I wanted when I printed the worksheet. How can I fix this?


If something unexpected prints in your header and footer, choose None in the Header and Footer suggestions lists. Now you can start all over and create your own custom header and footer. Also, click the Print Preview button to see what the header and footer information looks like before you print it.


Why don't my manual page breaks show on the screen?


Manual page breaks do not show in your worksheet on the screen when you use the Fit To page setup option.

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