After I assigned the shortcut key letter "a" to my macro, why couldn't I run it?


Macro shortcut key letters are case sensitive. If you assigned a lowercase letter shortcut key to your macro, make sure the Caps Lock key is turned off when you want to use the lowercase letter to run your macro.


After recording the wrong actions and commands in my macro and realizing it halfway through the recording process, is it possible to scrap the macro?


Yes. Click the Stop Recording button on the Macro toolbar and choose Tools, Macro, Macros. Then delete the macro and start again.


Can I stop my macro while it is running?


Sure. Just press the Esc key to stop the macro before it completes its actions.


Why can't I use my macro in a workbook I opened?


You probably stored your macro in the active workbook. If you store your macro in the Personal Macro workbook when you create your macro, Excel makes the macro available to all Excel workbooks.


After I chose the High security level option for Excel macros, why can't I run my macros?


High security sometimes disables macros, and you cannot run them. Change the security level to Medium, close the workbook, and then open the workbook again. You should see the macro virus warning message. Choose Enable Macros so that you can run your macros.


Why doesn't the smart tag for a stock symbol display in my worksheet?


You need to turn on the smart tag feature for financial symbols. Choose Tools, AutoCorrect Options, click the Smart Tags tab, and select the Label data with smart tags check box. In the Recognizers list, make sure Financial Symbols is checked. Then click OK.

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