Hour 10. Adding Borders, Colors, and Fills

The highlights of this hour include the following:

  • How to change the color of cell entries

  • How to add borders to cells and ranges

  • How to work with fills, shading, and color

  • How to format with AutoFormat

This hour covers adding borders, colors, and fills to your worksheets. Excel offers many types of borders that can be applied in different thicknesses and colors to add pizzazz and style. You learn how to change the font color, add shading to cells, and use color fills to put some spice into the background of your worksheet. In addition, you use the AutoFormat command to apply prefab formats to your worksheets in one shot so that you don't have to apply each type of format individually.

When this hour ends, you'll know how to add all kinds of borders, colors, and fills to make important data stand out and grab your readers' attention.

    Part I: Excel Basics
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