I used the SUM function to subtotal a column of data in my database, and I don't want others to see some of the subtotals. What can I do?


You can hide each subtotal by collapsing it. Just click the minus sign (?) button for the subtotal on the far left side of the worksheet.


Is there an easy way to delete the subtotals in my database?


Sure. Choose Data, Subtotal and click the Remove All button.


I filtered my records with the Top 10 AutoFilter, and I didn't get the results I expected. What should I do?


You can either click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar or choose Data, Filter, Show All. This step displays all the records again. Then start over to choose the Top 10 AutoFilter options you want.


How do I delete a query I no longer use?


That's a good question. Go to Windows Explorer and display the Queries subfolder in the All Folders pane on the left. Then you can delete your query that has the file type DQY. You can find the Queries subfolder under the following folders: Documents and Settings, Administrator, Application Data, Microsoft.

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